Sunday, April 4, 2010

Foster Parents

Meet Jackson and Prince. They're a mix of bijon and poodle and they're two months old.
Today Sara and I rescued a dog (Zoey) and when we got home we found my mother there with these two little jewels in need of a home. If you know someone who might have a good home for either or both let me know. The vet bills for them are $500 each - so that includes everything they need to introduce them to the world.

They're very playful and loving.

And curious.

Zoey meets Jackson.

The newest member of our family - Zoey.

1 comment:

Julie said...

Hi Zoey!! You guys should just keep the two little puppies....they are sooo cute! That top pic where they both are smiling...oh man, I want to come visit so I can play with all that puppy love. :) :)

Congrats on finding Zoey -- she is a beautiful dog. :)