Sunday, April 11, 2010

I seem to have put my carbon footprint on your ass.

When people talk about saving the planet what they really mean is they want to save their own place on the planet. We can pollute the oceans, foul the air, pave the enter surface of the globe and the planet will reclaim itself in one tick of eternities clock. 99% of every species that has ever lived on this ball has gone extinct. One day we will as well and the damage we've done will fade into obscurity.
If you want to go green, save the polar bears and use your sewage to heat the sauna - go for it. I try to recycle - but let's stop with the false modesty. We are, as we always have been - looking after our own sorry asses.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Foster Parents

Meet Jackson and Prince. They're a mix of bijon and poodle and they're two months old.
Today Sara and I rescued a dog (Zoey) and when we got home we found my mother there with these two little jewels in need of a home. If you know someone who might have a good home for either or both let me know. The vet bills for them are $500 each - so that includes everything they need to introduce them to the world.

They're very playful and loving.

And curious.

Zoey meets Jackson.

The newest member of our family - Zoey.