Thursday, March 18, 2010

Training Camp In Noosa

We're coming up on two weeks in Noosa, Australia. The training camp is going well. I'm in a condo with four girls and two bathrooms. So far – not a single problem – except for the fact that one these delinquents has stolen my heart rate monitor strap and refuses to confess the crime. There's no way I'd misplace it!

The Noosa pool at 5:30 AM

The girls have been training hard and I've managed to get in a few sessions myself.
The weather has been the big story though. Neil Finn must have spent some time here when he wrote Four Seasons in One Day. You can start your session in fine warm sunshine, move to 80kph winds, then find yourself smashed by sideways driven rain and finish up in the sun again. I guess we're just missing snow. Truth is, it never really gets cold but that rain can be distracting and I've never seen such unrelenting wind.

Girls getting ready to lay down some 400s on a grass track

The culture of fitness in the country – or at least this part of the country is certainly admirable. You just don't see as many heavy people here. It's immediately evident. Like my home based pool, Crystal, back in Victoria, the morning finds the public lanes filled with older people getting in their morning exercise. The difference here is the older people tend not to be massively over weight and they know how to swim. It's not uncommon to see some grey haired gal holding 1:30s as she rolls out a couple K.

An early morning open water swim session for young and old.


Julie said...

It wasn't me, I swear. Muahahahahahahahahahaah!

Jenna said...

Julie told me it WAS her!! :)

It is certainly a nice place to live - I spent a year there and owned a 15 dollar bike to get around (ok - I was 18) but I loved how different it was there.

Sorry about the wind, rain and SUNSHINE but we have some new snow here if you are interested:)

Fleck said...

I was interested in your comments regarding the activity and fitness levels going from Victoria to Noosa. I am not sure where you slot Toronto in, because now I am shocked when I go from the Toronto area to Vancouver or Vic. Physical activity amongst the general population out here(GTA) is almost non-existent compared to Van/Vic. Bunch of non-moving sloths!


Keith said...

It's amazing you get any bathroom time at all, even with a low-maintenance girl like Julie on hand. In that last photo, I'm pretty sure that's Julie bounding along, third from the left.

Loving your other photos! Wondering what it takes to emigrate....

Unrelenting wind - go hang out with Julie in the Pass sometimes, she must be right at home.

Oh, and still working on your advice from the swim camp, elbows, catch, chest, flip turns. Going good, thanks again!

Julie said...

See? I told you it wasn't me and my green bag! hee-hee!!

The heart-rate monitor dance was awesome, by the way. :)