Friday, April 13, 2018

               She's Witch. Burn Her 
The Story of Nora Loreto and her Silly Tweet  

So yesterday a freelance journalist named Nora Loreto wanted to
start a conversation and so she tweeted the following three

Needless to say, it was the second tweet that garnered all the Attention. What happened next will be legend in the annuls of cyber bulling and doxing. The outrage heaped upon her head was like nothing I'd seen in my life. Justine Sacco (joked about not getting aids because she was white) got off easy compared to what was thrown at Nora. I've read the word “cunt” more in the last two days then I have my enter life – and I read a lot. When I saw the tweet I was outraged and tempted to get online and call her a Stupid Head (I have a 7 year old) but in the end I just made some dopey statement saying she would have to reap what she had sown. It was an outrageous tweet but no sensible person should be comfortable with the level of toxic waste being fire-hosed at this woman. Here's the thing. I believe, truly believe, that her line of thinking is becoming quite common amongst a great many people living in the country today. Call them the Alt-Left, neo Marxists, SJWs or whatever you want, but Nora is not alone in what she believes. She set herself up as an easy target here – but she shouldn't be the target. Her ideas needs to be the target. You read the tweet and at a basic human level you know that what she said is a “bad thing”. Maybe you're not someone who's used to dissecting higher thoughts – teasing out subtle nuances in complex equations but you've got instincts and a basic level of human goodness that most of us possess, and you know it was just not right.” You get angry and, because it's so easy to do, you send her a message, calling her the worst names you can come up with – names that match the level of anger you feel. And if you're really dim witted (you can be a good person but stupid - happens all the time.) you threaten her or wish horrible things to happen to her and her loved ones. But what is accomplished here? You can take some satisfaction in the punches being thrown at her, but to be clear, she doesn't seem to be too bothered by them. She's not backed down an inch and she has managed a pretty good campaign to make herself the victim in the story – claiming all the outrage is evidence she's right. Maybe she'll be hard pressed to find work going forward. But maybe it'll be easier? After all, “It doesn't matter what they're saying about you as long as they're saying it.” She's famous now and will be for a good long time. If she's smart, and I suspect she is, she'll figure out a way to capitalize on the notoriety. Frank James (Jessie's brother) lived out his final days giving tours of his farm for 25 cents. In time the furor will subside and the folks who piled onto Ms. Loreto will untangle themselves and go about their business – and nothing will be accomplished at all. But here's what should be done – instead of attacking this woman, we should band together and attack her point. I know. Brilliant, right?! Her ideas (and the timing) is what's offensive – even if there might be some truth in it. So let's look at the idea. She stated that because of the gender, age and skin colour there was a greater outpouring of support for the survivors of the crash than might have been were those variables different. Is she right or wrong? And if she's right the more important question is why. I feel certain Ms. Loreto knows the answer to both of those questions and no amount of facts would dissuade her from that but maybe we can all learn something by discussing the issues. Heaven forbid we expand our thinking a degree or two and become a little more thoughtful. A bus load of Indian children perished in crash a few days ago. 24 kids died. Many of you probably didn't know that and you certainly didn't open your pocket books and send money overseas. Is it because you're racists? I don't think it's proof one way or another. If a team of Swedish hockey players had met the same terrible fate would Canadians – as of this writing – round up nine million dollars in charity? Probably not. Is it because we hate Swedes? Nope. We just happen to love our own country. It didn't hit close to home – it hit us at home. Now, if it had been a busload of young Canadian female soccer players that met this fate, what then? I think the level would have been about the same. We can't know for sure and hopefully we never find out but that's what I believe. As mentioned, I have a daughter. I think I'd be more inclined to donate on the behalf of the girl's soccer team. That what we do. It's not that I believe girl's are more deserving, it's just easier to imagine the grief the closer you get to the flame. In the end to suggest the grief was greater in general because boys died rather than girls isn't a statement one can make with any level of confidence. And what about their age? Would we mourn less if we were talking about a busload of seniors heading to a lawn bowling tournament? Of course we would!!! How idiotic can you be!?!? Oops – there I go attacking the person and not the point. The point is, it's a universal truth that the untimely death of someone with a lifetime remaining on the card is infinitely more tragic than someone with a lifetime of memories in the bank. That's basic human nature. Even my dull friends should be able to understand that. And what about their skin colour? Well, now you're getting to the sticky bits. What if it had been a team of young First Nations hockey players that this happened to? It doesn't need to be said, (I will anyway) that I sure hope we never find out – but I fear in this case it is likely true the white boys would generate more charity than the Native boys. So that's something we could talk about but how about we let the devastated parents of those youngsters bury their children first and then we could have that conversation and we might all be a little better for having it. What do you say? Clint Lien April 12 2018 Victoria B.C.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

I matter more than you do

Recently Megan Bachelor a news caster for CBC was reporting live from the Squamish Music Festival when a young teen jumped in, attempted to kiss her while taking a selfie of his effort. Ms. Bachelor was upset enough over the intrusion to file a police complaint. After seeing the furor, the young man reached out to her over social media. The two spoke on the phone. He apologized and that was good enough for Ms. Bachelor. The RCMP closed the file.
The interesting thing for me was tidal wave of hate and vitriol aimed at the reporter.

Here are some of the comments aimed at her on social media:

omg....what is wrong with that reporter acting like a stuck up c?.......she should feel complimented someone actually wanted to kiss her....the petty

Waste of time. I hereby decree that this discussion is an absolute waste of anyone's time, unless you are an intense feminist with no grasp on reality. In which case nobody cares what you think anyways. Pick an important topic, not an almost kiss on the cheek.

Get a grip Megan and go buy yourself a sense of humour.

come on really? If she was a good reporter she would have just rolled with it! It's harmless. Ugh I hate how society deems everything unexaptable. No one is allowed to have fun anymore.

She should be charged with abuse of the justice system and fined. Period. What a disgrace to all women and men who have truly suffered at the hands of others.

take her off the air! don't need that kind of cry baby stuff going on. that what she gets for going to a big gathering, asking for trouble.

That's a small sampling of comments from one feed but thousands more can be found that essentially repeat the same:
She shouldn't have been there if she didn't want that to happen.
She shouldn't have done anything about it once it did.

Typical victim blaming. It's all her fault.
Most of the those making comments are either ignorant of the current atmosphere for live reporters or they don't care.
A few months ago news was made when some young men at a soccer match took some pleasure in interrupting a live broadcast by shouting the now popular catch phrase FHRITP. My mom may read this blog so you'll have to Google it. One of the fellows famously lost his six figure job when he was identified. It's a heavy price to pay but I have no sympathy for him.
Many of the comments directed at Ms Bachelor sexualized the incident – though she never did.
I don't believe the young man's intentions, in this recent event, were sexual – even though they involved a kiss. I think he was just a kid who wanted to be funny in front of his friends and this was his genius plan. So why is she so upset? And why do I agree with her that she should be?
She's upset because once again, some selfish asshole has stood up and said “What I want is more important than what you want.” It didn't matter that she was trying to do her job and it didn't matter that he wasn't invited. He did what he did because clearly he believed he had a right to and the huge majority of those commenting on the matter agreed that he did, in fact, have that right.
If you say in one breath – “Well, it was wrong but she is overreacting. She shouldn't have alerted the authorities.” Then what you're saying is that there should be no repercussions for his actions and the next time he's at a party (as opposed to being in front of a national audience) and he wants to impress his friends, I wonder what he'll come up with and will the braying masses continue to support his actions? If you believe there should be no repercussions for an action then you are condoning that action.
Interrupting (mostly) women reporters with physical contact and the shouting of rude slogans is increasing because the morons engaging in the behavior seldom, if ever, have to pay a price.
But the tide is shifting. I'm glad it is.
Should the kid do hard time and go on the sexual offenders list? Of course not, but I sure wouldn't have opposed some community hours and a fine.
So good for you Megan Bachelor for taking a stand and saying enough is enough.

And those who support the crappy behavior - those who don't have the capacity to understand how violating the behavior is, are going to have to update their files because if they have young men and women in their lives who've been taught that their needs and desires outweigh the needs and desires of those around them, they may come to find it an expensive attitude to carry around.


Friday, June 26, 2015

Will Andrew Messick be the new Jock Semple?

Photo: Harry Trask
The question came up over dinner the other night, will Andrew Messick be remembered as the modern day Jock Semple of Ironman?
To answer that we have to look at who was Jock Semple - truth and myth.
You may already know – or think you know – but one thing's for sure, you know the photograph.
In 1967 Semple tried to take the first woman to ever run the Boston Marathon, Katherine Switzer, off the course when he spotted her racing amongst the men. Right? His fame was solidified when Katherine's hammer throwing boyfriend, who was jogging along with her at the time, tackled the old man to the ground. The entire event was caught on camera. The whole world bore witness to his actions. Semple went to his grave in 1988 and will forever be remembered as the bigoted bully who tried to keep women in the kitchen and far away from the hollowed streets of Boston. Most of you already know that – but is there more to the story? How much of that is true and how much isn't?
Semple was born in Glasgow Scotland in 1903 and emigrated to the United States in 1921, after running in his first marathon.
Records aren't perfect but it looks like he was the 29th finisher at Boston in 1929 with a time of 2:58:54
The depression was in full swing and Semple was sleeping on a cot in his brother's home in Boston. He couldn't afford rent but managed to get a few hours work each week as a changing room attendant for the YMCA. It got him by. He dedicated himself to the pursuit of excellence in marathon running, and one marathon in particular – the Boston Marathon. He loved that race.
In 1932 a class clown named Jimmy “Cigars” Connors led the race a mile from the finish – while puffing on a cigar. He'd gotten to the front by jumping onto a car's running board. Everyone had a good laugh over the prank except Semple. After the race Semple was heard saying he'd be “Punching that fellow right in the jaw.” Luckily for Connors the two did not cross paths. Boston was sacred to Semple and he held zero favor for anyone who flaunted the rules – even in the spirit of fun.
In 1937 Semple lost his number before the gun went off. He was greatly upset and felt he was disrespecting the race if he ran without a number. Officials convinced him it would be okay to run. He did but finished miserable.
The last result I could find for him at Boston came in 1950. He ran a 3:03:22 and came 22nd. In all I found six top 10 finishes.
He may have stopped running in the race but he would continue to dedicate his life to the event. By 1953 he'd become co-director of the race with Will Cloney.
In 1959, while riding in the press bus Semple spotted a man joining the race from a side street. He was wearing a white suit, huge floppy shoes and a clown mask. Semple was enraged. He leaped off the bus, tackled the man, tore off his mask and proceeded to throttle the shocked fellow. Only police intervention saved the man from serious harm. It seems the Scotsman had a temper where his race was concerned.
Now it's the 60's and the Boston Marathon had a single sponsor – the Boston Athletics Association and the BAA was flat broke. It was only through the bull dog determination of Semple and Cloney that it survived.
The first women to ever compete the Boston marathon was in 1966 – Katherine Switzer!!! Wrong. It was a shy young lady named Bobbi Gibb. She had no coach and was part of no team or club. She simply loved to run. When she tried to sign up for the race she didn't know it was against the rules for women to enter. She was outraged and jumped into the race none the less. Of that first race she reported being welcomed by the male runners around her and did not report a single negative comment. What did Semple have to say about her effort that day? “As long as she didn't interfere with the numbered runners or make mockery of the event he had no intention of tossing her off the course.”
Bobbi ran a 3:21:40 and would have been 126th. Semple was impressed.
Katherine Switzer attended Syracuse University where she earned a bachelors degree and eventually a masters degree in journalism. She also ran with the Syracuse Harriers Running club and was one of the only women in the club. Along the way she became determined to run the marathon and had to twist the coach's arm to train her to do it.
In 1967 Katherine Switzer entered the race. As the years go by there have been many tellings of this tail and the most popular one states that she “accidentally” ended up with the official entry and was just as shocked as anyone that such a fuss was made. She filled out the entry form as K.V. Switzer. She mailed in her medical examination and had her coach pick up her number before the race. Katherine wanted to change the world – a world that needed changing and she chose the Boston Marathon to make her statement. Good for her I say but it was no accident.
So there we are – K.V. Switzer is running along and she's spotted by race directors Cloney and Semple. Cloney implored her to hand over the number as she was breaking the rules. She wouldn't. And the rest is history. Semple made a lunge for the number (it was reported that he lunged for her but he always denied it) He got a tiny piece of it but then the hammer thrower got all of him. Now an old man in his 60's, he went down in a humiliating pile and the world saw it. Katherine finished the race in an estimated time of 4:20. The good guy (or girl in this case) won and the bad guy got his.
Semple got back on the bus and drove to the front of the race. On the way they passed, without incident, Bobbi Gibb taking her 2nd stab at Boston. She finished almost an hour in front of Switzer – after sitting on the sidelines for more than 10 minutes with a leg cramp that eventually let up.
It's easily arguable that without Semple the Boston Marathon would exist only in the history books. It's also arguable that he was a bullying Neanderthal but few people know that the guy was so impressed with Gibb's run the previous year that he arranged for a private change room and shower for her and that when the board finally convened to discuss opening the race to women, his was the loudest voice to say yes. It may have taken him a while to realize that women could be great runners but once he did he became one of their loudest supporters. The man loved runners.
The evidence that Jock Semple was an opponent of women running is contradicted by his life's work but it's not how he'll be remembered.
And now it's hard to listen to those who stand in opposition to equality for the professional women in Kona without thinking of Jock Semple and that humiliating photograph.
For centuries sport has been created by men, for men and controlled by men.  For a less than a finger count of decades women have been invited to play and now they're told they need to "step it up".  The "World" Ironman Championships in Kona allows 50 men to compete while limiting the women to 35.  They're told they don't have the numbers - they're not good enough yet.  It's all statistical noise designed to keep things the way they are and have always been.  By supporting the initiative for equality in Kona, you are not just supporting 15 women - you are supporting women.
In 1967 two uninvited women ran in Boston. Last year 45% of the field were women. Equality will come to Kona. It's inevitable and while there may not be a photograph of him pulling a woman off a bike, Andrew Messick's repeated "No" will become that photograph.
I know and like him. I think his work with Ironman has been outstanding. He's a fan and a participator and he's raised the profile of the race but sadly I fear his stubbornness on this issue will also be his legacy.

Sign and share the petition!

Monday, December 22, 2014

69 Foods You Should Never Eat

    Recently I've come across a few lists of things you should “never” eat. So for shits and giggles I decided to Google “Foods you should never eat.” The following is a list of foods I got off the first page of said Google search.

    69 Foods You Should Never Eat:
  1. Pretzels
  2. Peanut Butter
  3. Any Nut Butter
  4. Canned Corn
  5. Canned Tomatos
  6. Beef Jerky
  7. Powdered Coffee Cream
  8. Non organic Apples
  9. Non organic Strawberries
  10. Banana Chips
  11. Grapes
  12. Any Fruit without an edible skin or seeds (that includes bananas!)
  13. Fruit juice
  14. Margarine
  15. Vegetable Oil
  16. Pre Produced Hamburgers
  17. Anything from McDonald's
  18. Table Salt
  19. Milk (non organic)
  20. White Bread
  21. Multi Grain Bread
  22. Any Bread
  23. Any Multi Grain product
  24. Fried Food
  25. Soy Protein
  26. Creamy Salad Dressing
  27. Any prepared Salad
  28. White Rice
  29. Muesli
  30. Tuna Sushi
  31. White Chocolate
  32. Artificial Sweetners
  33. Spouts
  34. Anything w/ artificial colours
  35. Chain restaurant ice cream
  36. Any ice cream
  37. Energy Bars
  38. Trail Mix
  39. Light Yogurt
  40. Gluten Free Food
  41. Breakfast Cereal
  42. Sport Drinks
  43. Smoothies
  44. Frozen Diet Entrees
  45. Muffins
  46. Fat Free Anything
  47. Granola
  48. Dried Fruit
  49. Brown Sugar
  50. Any Sugar
  51. Bagels
  52. Processed Baked Goods
  53. Diet Soda
  54. Any Soda
  55. Jarred Tomato Sauce
  56. Bacon
  57. Soy Sauce
  58. Corn Fed Beef – that's pretty much all beef
  59. Non organic Potatoes
  60. Non organic anything
  61. Cereal Bars
  62. Mayo
  63. White Pasta
  64. Ice Cream
  65. Microwave Popcorn
  66. Sword fish
  67. Farmed Salmon
  68. Any farmed fish
  69. High Fructose Corn Syrup

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Thetis Open Water Swimming

It's that time of year again!

Paul Regensburg of Lifesport and myself will be putting on the Friday morning open water swims again at Thetis lake - in the water at 8 AM - starting on May 28.
This is a coached session - with two coaches working out of kayaks. The sessions are hard but fun. Last year the response was over whelming - with as many as 30 swimmers showing up for many of the sessions.
The workouts are varied but will include an emphasis on hard pack swimming, in and out skills and over all endurance fitness swimming.
The level of swimmers varies greatly. Everyone is welcome and the swims generally finish between 9:15 and 9:30.
For athletes not currently a member of Lifesport or Velca, or are not privately coached by me the summer pass fee will be $75 or $10 per drop in.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I seem to have put my carbon footprint on your ass.

When people talk about saving the planet what they really mean is they want to save their own place on the planet. We can pollute the oceans, foul the air, pave the enter surface of the globe and the planet will reclaim itself in one tick of eternities clock. 99% of every species that has ever lived on this ball has gone extinct. One day we will as well and the damage we've done will fade into obscurity.
If you want to go green, save the polar bears and use your sewage to heat the sauna - go for it. I try to recycle - but let's stop with the false modesty. We are, as we always have been - looking after our own sorry asses.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Foster Parents

Meet Jackson and Prince. They're a mix of bijon and poodle and they're two months old.
Today Sara and I rescued a dog (Zoey) and when we got home we found my mother there with these two little jewels in need of a home. If you know someone who might have a good home for either or both let me know. The vet bills for them are $500 each - so that includes everything they need to introduce them to the world.

They're very playful and loving.

And curious.

Zoey meets Jackson.

The newest member of our family - Zoey.