Thursday, September 17, 2009

Reveal Duncan's Dome!

A good writer could tell the tale of a falling acorn and tug the heart strings of the devil himself but for this story an elementary school writing level is more than adequate.
I'm not going to get right into all the details - just a few facts (as best I know them) and then ask a favor.

My friend Jamie Duncan met and fell in love with Lindsay Atkinson several years ago. Jamie was a single father with an eight year old named Rakel. Soon he was no longer single and was now the father of two children. Lindsay and he had a baby girl named Abby. She turns two next month.
Recently Lindsay was diagnosed with Non Hodgkins lymphoma cancer. She started up chemo several days after the diagnoses and several weeks after that Jamie and Lindsay decided to get married.

Jamie's father put a challenge to all his friends that if they raised some cash in Lindsay's name then he would shave his head. Within 2 days they came up with grand and Jamie's father was committed. Since then he's continued to campaign and, I understand is nearing the 5K mark.

Jamie, not to be outdone by his old man, put out a similar challenge to his friends. If they came up with $5,000 in her name he would shave his head as well - and he has an admittedly odd shaped head. Yul Brenner he will not be!!

The original email went out to 16 people and $3,158.50 was raised within a day.
But $3,158.50 is not $5,000.
Help us reveal the dome!!!
Here's the link - any amount is greatly appreciated. The shaving will be done by a pretty girl in a mini skirt at Trek Pro City Cycles in the near future!!

The Art of Tri

Got a note from my man Toby over at Art of Tri today.
He's blowing out a bunch of stuff - 2 for the price of 1 for the rest of the month.
It's unique gear with a real Earth Conscience!!
Definitely worth looking at!!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Tired of being tired.

There are two kinds of training tired - the first one (the good one) is the tired you feel after a solid session.
There there's the shitty tired. That's the tired feel before you start a crappy session.
If you only ever experience the first kind of tired then you're not training hard enough.
If you're training well all the time then you're not training well.
But if you only rarely experience the first kind then you're certainly not training well either.
You should start your builds feeling the first kind and end them feeling the second kind.
If you've gone more than 7-10 days in a row only feeling the 2nd kind then I'd say it's time for some recovery. How long you need and in what form is specific to the athlete.

Just something I wanted to put out there.